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Butler is the leading pre-engineered metal building manufacturer in the USA and the world, combining more than 100 years of experience, the strength of BlueScope Steel, and the expertise of specially selected Butler Builders.  Butler provides custom designed and pre-engineered one to five-story steel buildings for use as offices, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, schools, shopping centers, theaters, churches, medical buildings, banks, and other commercial, industrial and institutional facilities.

Butler Products are Green Building Products

Butler is a member of the US Green Building Council. The following points explain how Butler® products contribute to green building.

Reduced Material Use

Through extensive testing and computer modeling, all Butler projects are designed to minimize the amount of steel used to meet exact specifications. This compares favorably to other steel or wood structures that use and often underutilize predefined shapes or sections. The lighter-weight structure also reduces the size of footings and foundations, reducing the concrete and steel used. Minimizing the steel and concrete used in a building conserves our natural resources.

Salvaged/Recycled Products

Nearly all of the steel used to make the primary frames is made from recycled scrap generated both from consumer and industrial users. On a weighted average, this accounts for roughly half of the steel used in a typical building. Reusable or Recyclable Materials–Butler® metal buildings can be relocated and reused, making them adaptable to different end uses and extending their usable life. Steel from buildings can also be 100 percent recycled and used for new buildings or a variety of other projects.

Long Life-Cycle

Many Butler products carry a 25-year warranty on roof and wall panels and require minimal maintenance to last much longer. Steel is naturally termite and rodent resistant and requires no pesticides or treatment for protection. And properly protected primary and secondary framing members can last indefinitely.

Paint Finishes

Butler uses only structural finishes that meet or exceed current EPA regulations and also uses low-VOC paints, caulks, and adhesives. Metal building products do not release pollutants like certain wood products or built-up roof products. Regional Shipping–Butler’s six regional fabrication plants assure that production is close to most building sites, reducing transportation energy costs.

Energy Efficient

Butler offers a wide variety of insulation systems and an insulation spacer block that significantly improves the in-place performance of the roof insulation. To assure performance, Butler conducted tests in lieu of using empirical formulas. We offer insulation systems that can achieve R-40 or more when required.

Heat-Island Effect

Butler uses cool metal roofs (cool roofs) to reduce the heat-island effect, minimizing the impact buildings have on microclimate and human and wildlife habitat.